Noteship v1.1.1: Scoped Search and Backlink Search

This Noteship Update is about improving search. You can now find all notes with backlinks to a given note, search by date, and limit search results to the current note and its sub-notes.

Noteship November 2021 Update

Noteship version 1.1 is the first larger feature update and brings you a large calendar view to see your reminders & notes at a glance.

Noteship Launches! 🎉

After 3 years of hard work the day has finally come, Noteship launched in the Mac App Store today! Noteship is a personal information manager that combines notes, todos, and reminders and is based on simple files and folders. With tags, bi-directional links, rich text and images, search, a calendar and spreadsheet view, it comes with the building blocks to start a knowledge base, journal, or Zettelkasten.