Noteship v1.1.1: Scoped Search and Backlink Search

This Noteship Update is about improving search. You can now find all notes with backlinks to a given note, search by date, and limit search results to the current note and its sub-notes.

Scoped Search

The new "dot" search operator lets you restrict search results to the currently selected item (note or folder) and its contents. For example, if you have a folder with contacts and you search for “. San Francisco” you can quickly find all contacts from San Francisco.

Backlink Search

With the new backlinks search feature you can find all pages that link back to a given page. Start the search term with an “@” symbol followed by the page title (omit any spaces). For example: “@JamesSmith” will return all notes that contain a link to the note “James Smith”. Another example combining the new features: Select your contacts folder, then search for “. @JamesSmith”. This finds all of your contacts that mention James Smith.

Other Search Improvements

  • Type “2021-12-06” to find all notes for that day.
  • Press Cmd-J/Cmd-K to select the next/previous search result.
  • Type “#mytag” to find all notes with that tag (just as a reminder, that one already worked before).

Usability & Stability

  • You asked for it: The menu items File > New > “New Note/Folder Above” and “New Note/Folder Inside At Top” are back!
  • Cmd-L while the cursor is already in the location bar now selects all text.
  • Clicking into the location bar shows search tips.
  • No more “beep” sound after pressing Enter to open an entry from the calendar.
  • Fixed a crash after pasting text with special formatting from another app.
Head over to the Mac App Store to download the update.