Noteship Launches! 🎉

After 3 years of hard work the day has finally come, Noteship launched in the Mac App Store today! Noteship is a personal information manager that combines notes, todos, and reminders and is based on simple files and folders. With tags, bi-directional links, rich text and images, search, a calendar and spreadsheet view, it comes with the building blocks to start a knowledge base, journal, or Zettelkasten.
Here are a few things that make Noteship unique: (1) Focus on data longevity: everything is saved locally as simple files and folders that can be accessed in Finder and opened in a web browser. (2) External documents/files/PDFs can be added to a notebook. For example, if you are planning a trip, you can keep hotel and car reservation PDFs right along with your notes and see a preview inside the app. (3) Extracting knowledge from notes via “One Page Summaries”: A one page summary combines sections from multiple notes on a single page. Let’s say you keep monthly project review notes, each with a section “Lessons Learned”. A one page summary for “Lessons Learned” would show all these sections from multiple notes on a single page. Head over to the Mac App Store to download the app.