A Sharp Mind Through Structured Notes

Noteship is a note taking app that combines
notes, todos, and reminders and is
based on simple files and folders.

Draft your next blog post, term paper, or book

Build an outline of your thoughts. You can add sub-notes to other notes, folders, and even files.

Well prepared for your next meeting

Everything at hand: notes from last time, action items checked off, and your slides/PDFs/spreadsheets.

Learn from the past and become a smarter person today

Keep a monthly review and see all lessons learned from multiple notes on a single page with the One Page Summary report.

Show that you care by remembering the little details

Your personal CRM at your fingertips. With the spreadsheet view you have all details at a glance.

Links between notes turn them into knowledge

Mention a note, place, or person to form a link. Bi-directional backlinks at the bottom of each note let you navigate both ways.

Reminders & notes at a glance

The large calendar view shows all your notes and reminders.

Offline first: you own and control your data

Everything is saved locally on your Mac in simple files and folders that you can see in Finder. You remain in full control over your data. No Internet connection required.

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Archival-quality file format based on open standards

Notes are saved as HTML, the same format that powers nearly every website on the planet. That means you can access your notes even without the app installed. A web browser or, if need be, a simple text editor, is enough to open your notes.

HTML has been around for over 25 years and is one of the file formats recommended by the Library of Congress as storage format for digital textual works to “maximize the chances for survival and continued accessibility of creative content well into the future.”



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